Submitted to Yelp by  J. Jenkins 7/20/15

The initial meet-and-greet was excellent; able to learn the process and share my own story and concerns. Scheduling the actual cuddle session was easy, and payment was simple.

The actual cuddle session was great! We met at a park downtown, and lay down a blanket on the grass. I was allowed to feel that I was in control of the session, which as the client, I should have that feeling. Not just steering the physical connection, I also felt like I was in control of conversation. Whether it was about the session and connections or “talking story” or just not talking at all. It felt like it should feel; that I was with a friend. Yes, this is a professional service and there are client-provider boundaries, but I never found myself thinking about those DURING the session.

There was an ease that was conveyed at all times, and I felt comfortable. Whether that was being silent or telling the Cuddler that I needed to change positions, it always felt like it was all about me. Again, this should be the goal of the company, and this goal was met! .

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend this service to anyone! Whether they miss that physical touch or want to challenge their own introverted nature, I felt like this was a professional service but balanced to not merely feel “just business.” I can’t wait for my next session!

Submitted to Yelp by Karen S. on 11/5/2015

Saw a presentation about this business at Rotary Waikiki yesterday and I can’t stop thinking about the owner and her mission.  Love the concept and glad our community has such a true and caring soul willing to offer such a vital service.  This is the kind of business Oprah would back!

If you are intrigued you should set up a meeting.  You’ll be glad you did! 5 stars!

Submitted to Yelp by Kris on 9/28/16

I’ve heard about “cuddle therapy” for years and it’s always sounded so interesting and emotionally healthy.  A few months ago I discovered Aloha Cuddle Company; I have since had two sessions with Lealyn, and will continue with her.  As a single person without extended family around, I am very aware of the lack of touch in my day to day life, and as a nurse I realize the significance of that lack.

Cuddling with Lealyn is casual, comfortable and totally physically and emotionally safe.  We first met in a public space to check that we were on the same page regarding what would happen, and the cuddle sessions have been in a lovely, airy “nest” of pillows and blankets with the sound of rushing water nearby.  We just lie in each other’s arms, talk or stay silent, stroke each other’s arms or hair.  Afterwards I feel relaxed and lighter of spirit.

I would highly recommend this service to anyone!

Submitted to Yelp by Erno on 9/22/16

The world needs more warmth, touch, hugs, and yes, more cuddles. I love the concept and Lealyn makes it work. I would definitely cuddle again!

Submitted to Yelp by Dis G. on 1/26/2017

Thank you so much!  That was the best cuddles ever!  I had such a great time and I truly appreciate the fact that you listened and we talked and it was just a wonderful time!  Everything was perfect and better than I ever imagined!  Thank you again!