Q: What service does Aloha Cuddle Company provide?

A: We offer platonic cuddle sessions to men and women who are lacking regular human touch.  Our cuddlers will come to you anywhere on the island of Oahu.  Your session can be held at your home, office, a park, or at some other agreed upon location. We also see clients at the Cuddle Nest in Palolo Valley. The cost for a session is $1 per minute and session length can be one to five hours.

Q: What happens during a cuddle session?

A: During a cuddle session we can hug, sit, lie, dance, sing, read, or watch a movie together. Our favorite thing to do is to try out different positions from the Cuddle Sutra book by Rob Grader.  A few things that never happen during sessions are kissing, massage, nudity, sex or sexual touching of any kind.

Q: Can I talk during my session?

A:  If you are inclined to share and talk story with us, we are great listeners! But it’s really up to you. What we want is to offer you is a platform to feel loved and understood.

Q: What about “natural reactions?”

A: Due to our platonic way of cuddling, this is VERY rare.  But when these things come about we just change positions so that it does not become a focus of the session.

Q: What should I wear for my session?

A: Wear whatever you like as long as it’s clean, comfy and appropriate for a platonic cuddling session.

Q: What happens at my first appointment?

A: Our first appointment will be a FREE meet-and-greet where we take about 15 minutes to get to know each other and find out if professional cuddling is right for you!  We’ll explain further what cuddling sessions entail and do our best to make you feel comfortable. Should you decide to become a customer, we’ll book the appointment for your first session, collect your payment and have you sign our Cuddling Services and Policy Agreement.

Q: Can I arrange an appointment for someone else?

A: Absolutely! Cuddle sessions are a great gift for an elderly friend or someone from your ohana who is need of company and touch.  The gift giver can sit in on first appointment (meet-and-greet) too if they like!  The recipient of your gift must be present for that first appointment to make sure they are comfortable with our cuddler and what we offer before we show up for the first cuddle session.  In other words, we don’t do surprises.

Q: Are tips accepted?

A: Mahalo, but no, tips are not accepted.  If you feel like you want to give more, let’s set up another session.  You can also show your appreciation by leaving us a review on Facebook and/or Yelp.

Q: Do cuddlers only cuddle with people of the opposite sex?

A:  Since cuddle sessions are strictly platonic and non-sexual, gender is a non-issue for us.  If you are comfortable holding hands and participating in other forms of gentle touch with someone of the same sex, that’s great because so are we! The “cuddle chemical” oxytocin knows no gender!

Q. Can I hire more than one cuddler for my session?

A. Yes.  The double cuddle experience is $80 an hour. The triple is $120 an hour.  Who doesn’t love a cuddle puddle?

Q: How can I book an appointment?

A:  Lealyn can be reached at (808) 421-8216 or lealyn@alohacuddlecompany.com.  Celeste can be reached at (808) 499-5941 or Celeste@alohacuddlecompany.com.

Q: How do our cuddlers stay safe?

A: We appreciate how often this question is asked! Before a cuddle session is booked our cuddlers meet with prospective cuddlees for a meet-and-greet.  This takes place in a public place.  At this time the cuddler goes over the session rules and gets an impression of the cuddlee’s intentions. If the vibe is good and both parties agree, the first session is booked.  At this time the cuddler will take a photo of the cuddlee’s state I.D. card, which is kept on file.  Before leaving to go on a cuddle session, the cuddler will notify their “safety” of where and whom they will be and for how long.  A “safety” is often a partner or roommate who has agreed to follow certain protocol if the cuddler does not call them at the end of a session to check in.  Massage therapists, nurses and personal trainers all make house calls; it’s really no different!

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Your cuddler will accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Cash, or PayPal.


"We are, each of us, angels with only one wing, and we can only fly embracing each other." ~Luciano DeCrescenzo