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The Cuddle and Love Experience

The Vibe Tribe House, 2197 10th Ave

Sunday April 14th, 2019 from 7-9:30pm

$15 suggested donation

What if we took one of the greatest pleasures of life (cuddling!), and combined it with questions that were specifically formulated to increase bonding and intimacy between two people? While your bodies are tied up in knots and the oxytocin is flowing, let’s take advantage and really intermingle those open hearts! What an experience!

During The Cuddle and Love Experience, you and your partner* will be guided by Cuddle facilitator, Lealyn Papaya, through various cuddle positions from the Cuddle Sutra as you answer questions from psychologist Arthur Aron’s list, The 36 Questions that Lead to Love. Whether it be platonic love, romantic love or puppy love, be prepared to share your mind, body and soul with another human in a way you’ve never experienced before. Note: This is not a cuddle puddle. You will only be experiencing and sharing with your partner.

Bring your lover, friend, brother, mother… bring anyone you love or want to learn to love. The type of intimacy, love and affection we will be creating here isn’t about sex; it goes delightfully deeper than that.

*Singles are welcomed to attend to be partnered with another single. If there are an odd number of attendees, you may be partnered with Lealyn.