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Founder and co-owner of Aloha Cuddle Company, Professional Cuddler since June 2015

Available: Monday – Sunday 7am-10pm

Aloha! I am the founder of Aloha Cuddle Company in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I believe in the power of touch and do my best to heal the world with my love and attention as much as I can.

In 2009, I started a group called “Oxytocin for Old Folks” in Gunnison Colorado, which was just a group of fun loving people who went to the neighborhood nursing home once a month to give touch to the residents there.  We touched their shoulders, their scalps, their hands and of course their hearts.  I wanted to be there for people who were starving for touch and unfortunately many elderly people are.

When I moved to Oahu in 2013, I started organizing free hug events in Waikiki once a month.  I love the smiles and joy on the faces of not only the people walking by who are receiving the hugs, but also the friends and strangers who come to give out the hugs.  They just become these beautiful beings of love and affection!  Sadly, Americans are so touch deprived.  We want to reach out and hug strangers; we just don’t know how to.  I like to think I am training people how to do what they were born to do.  I help them remember that they are love.

I started Aloha Cuddle Company in June of 2015 for people who need touch.  We all need touch, but some people aren’t getting their fair share.  I want to be there for them.   If babies aren’t touched, they die.  Thank goodness adults don’t die when they are touch deprived, but are they truly living?

Besides hugging and cuddling, I enjoy circus arts such as hula hooping, acro yoga and stilt walking.  I also love to write articles on love for Elephant Journal.  It’s important for me to stay healthy and strong, so I make sure to eat a plant based diet and exercise every day.   I have liberal views, but I get along with everyone and I pass no judgement on people or their chosen path.  We’re all on our own journey and our unique experiences to log.  I’m just happy to make a connection with any type of human as long as they are kind and open to receiving my love!

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Professional cuddler since January 2016 and co-owner since February 2017

Availability: varies

Aloha friends! My name is Celeste and I am co-owner of Aloha Cuddle Company! My true passion is to be able to bring love and positivity through human interaction and most importantly through touch.

I currently work as a labor and delivery nurse, and I am blessed to work in a facility where I see love daily between newborns and parents. I truly take pride in being able to be apart of such a pivotal time in someone’s life, and to help facilitate love and light between the initial bonding of families.
I truly believe my heart is bigger than my whole being, which is why it brings me immense joy being a professional cuddler.  To be able to embrace another being and to forget about the worries in the world just for a second is such a rewarding feeling. No matter where I’m working I will always have the biggest smile on my face because there are no words for me to describe the amount of happiness I feel when I get to help another person.
On my down time, I enjoy recording music, hiking, gardening, and exploring! My truest passion is singing where I can get lost in lyrics and immerse myself in diverse music.

What I love most about Aloha Cuddle Company is that not only do I get to help my community by bringing positivity and love through touch, but it also brings happiness to my heart. Cuddling is truly healing. I am here, arms open, for any beautiful soul that is walking my way looking for some cuddles!

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Professional Cuddler since February 2019

Aloha! I’m Jessica and I believe in the positive and healing powers of touch and am excited to extend that to you!

I moved to Oahu in 2017 and fell in love…the weather, the people, and the scenery really captured my heart! I’ve lived in a few different states and always find myself working in the hospitality/service industry because I love being able to meet a lot of people. I now work as an esthetician and I enjoy getting to make people look and feel their best through beautification of their outward appearance, but now I am excited to make people feel their best with the experience of my touch and cuddling. In my free time I enjoy relaxing at the beach, spending time with my family, playing volleyball, or riding my motorcycle. I look forward to being the person you can count on to lift your spirits, listen to you, and give you amazing hugs and cuddles!

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Availability: Varies

Professional Cuddler since July 2018

Aloha! My name is Evan and I am truly honored to be Aloha Cuddle Company’s first male cuddler! When I went to the Cuddle and Love Experience alone and was partnered with professional Cuddler Katie, I was really comforted by her calm presence and positive energy.  I felt safe and relaxed with her and thought to myself, “I’d love the opportunity to hold space like this for someone else.” I’m very fortunate to be granted that opportunity by this amazing company!

I grew up in a very tight knit family in Canada and I have gotten lots of love and touch in my life, so my bucket is very full. I am so happy and excited to share with you and give you a hug and a shoulder to lay your head on.  I am a very good listener and I’m here to provide a safe and comfortable experience for you.  I am very much looking forward to cuddling men and women of any age, shape or size.

I live part-time in New York and I also travel a lot, so please be prepared to make an appointment with me in advance.  I love Hawaii because of it’s warm weather, deep blue water and beautiful sunsets. I hope to live here more often as I have been transitioning here for the last three years.   In my spare time I like to make art, swim, do yoga, make music, rock climb and eat delicious food.

I really hope to hear from you!

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