Founder and co-owner of Aloha Cuddle Company, Professional Cuddler since June 2015

Available: Monday and Thursday evenings 6-10pm, Saturdays 8am-10pm

Aloha! I am the founder of Aloha Cuddle Company in Honolulu, Hawaii.  I became a professional cuddler because I care about people and I understand the power of touch and human connection.

What it’s like to cuddle with me…

I like to create an experience that would mimic two close friends bonding through conversation, laughter and touch.  Many people tell me that they were nervous before their first session with me, but they quickly relaxed because of how comfortable I am.

I always check-in with a person to first find out what kind of experience they are looking for, but most are happy to follow my lead.

I start with some breathing exercises where we lie side-by-side on the bed holding hands.  When the person is ready and warmed up to me, I can suggest different cuddling positions. This will keep our bodies from getting sore in one position too long; it’s also just nice to keep moving so we don’t get sleepy.

I am a very active cuddler, which means I am not just a human pillow…

I will caress your skin, squeeze you and play with your hair.  Of course, if a person doesn’t like that, I will stop… but I’ve never had a complaint!

What’s most important to me is that you feel comfortable! If you need someone to listen to you, then tell me what’s on your mind. I’m a great listener!  If you just want to lay quiet and be held, we can do that too!

For my sessions, I like to bring an oil diffuser and a speaker for relaxing music. If you aren’t into that, just let me know. It’s your experience!

Some clients like to play a movie on their T.V., laptop or Ipad and I think that’s absolutely wonderful.

I have been a professional cuddler for a few years and the number one thing I want new clients to understand is that this isn’t weird or wrong or silly.  It’s actually really nice and you’re going to love it. Just relax and enjoy the experience!

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Professional cuddler since January 2016 and co-owner since February 2017

Availability: Varies

Location: Oahu and Kauai

Aloha friends! My name is Celeste and I am co-owner of Aloha Cuddle Company! My true passion is to be able to bring love and positivity through human interaction and most importantly through touch.

I currently work as a labor and delivery nurse, and I am blessed to work in a facility where I see love daily between newborns and parents. I truly take pride in being able to be apart of such a pivotal time in someone’s life, and to help facilitate love and light between the initial bonding of families.   I truly believe my heart is bigger than my whole being, which is why it brings me immense joy being a professional cuddler.  To be able to embrace another being and to forget about the worries in the world just for a second is such a rewarding feeling. No matter where I’m working I will always have the biggest smile on my face because there are no words for me to describe the amount of happiness I feel when I get to help another person.   On my down time, I enjoy recording music, hiking, gardening, and exploring! My truest passion is singing where I can get lost in lyrics and immerse myself in diverse music.

What I love most about Aloha Cuddle Company is that not only do I get to help my community by bringing positivity and love through touch, but it also brings happiness to my heart. Cuddling is truly healing. I am here, arms open, for any beautiful soul that is walking my way looking for some cuddles!