Celebrating our 3 year anniversary by hiring our first male cuddler!


I can’t tell you how many inquiries I get from men wanting to be added to our cuddle squad.  However, in the three years I have been doing this, I just haven’t seen a huge need for it.  I also just haven’t met that special someone that I felt would be perfect for the job.  That is, until I met Evan.

It takes an extremely special person to be a professional cuddler.  The people on our team are very empathetic and compassionate humans.  We are happy, positive and we love to listen and be there for people.  We’re the type of people that have been given so much love in life that we have plenty excess to give out.  It’s really easy for us to be comfortable and present… with anyone.

To be a male cuddler I believe you have to have all of these traits and something extra special on top of that.  Celeste, Katie and I have talked about it and it’s something you can’t always put into words.  You need to be able to make women feel extra comfortable, safe and at ease with you. You have to have that gentle, nurturing and non-threatening approach.  He’s got to feel like a cross between the guy next door and your big brother, and Evan totally does!

In addition, to be a professional cuddler you have to be okay with cuddling men and women and most men who have applied for this job only want to cuddle female clients.  Evan told us when he applied, “I regularly cuddle my male and female friends.  All people need human touch, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. We are human and we all need to be loved and cared for in this way.” IMG_0964 3

Since I have learned first hand how needed this service is, I am so relieved to add Evan to our team to expand the diversity of our staff.   I realize there are people out there who need a cuddle, but might not see myself, Celeste or Katie as a good fit.

Evan is a 34 year old Canadian transplant.  He moved to New York City when he was 18 years old to pursue his interests in art, theater and music.  In 2015, he visited Oahu for the first time and fell in love with the ocean and aloha spirit (something he definitely embodies).  He does still live in New York off and on, so anyone hoping to see him may need to wait a month or two for their session.

Evan has received training and coaching from myself, Celeste and Katie on the ins and outs of cuddling professionally.  We believe he has that special touch that will make any person feel safe, valued and comfortable.  He has great eye contact, clear communication and will make you feel truly cared for during your session.

IMG_0965 2If cuddling with Evan sounds like something you need, I hope you’ll reach out to him here.  He will set up a time to do a free 15 minute meet-and-greet, which can be done in person at a coffee shop or via facetime.  If you decide to go ahead and book a session with him, he can see you at your home, his home or at the park.  I hope you’ll reach out if you are in need of human interaction and touch!



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