Benefits of Hugging

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It feels good.
It dispels loneliness.
It overcomes fear.
It opens doors to feelings.
It builds self-esteem.
It fosters altruism.
It slows down aging (huggers stay young longer).
It helps curb appetite (we eat less when we are nourished by hugs and when our arms are busy wrapped around others).
It eases tension.
It fights insomnia.
It keeps arms and shoulder muscles in condition.
It provides stretching exercise if you are short.
It provides stooping exercise if you are tall.
It offers a wholesome alternative to promiscuity.
It offers a healthy, safe alternative to alcohol and other drug abuse (better hugs than drugs!).
It affirms physical being.
It is democratic (anyone is eligible for a hug).
It is ecologically sound (it does not upset the environment).
It is energy-efficient (saves heat).
It is portable (you can take it with you).
It requires no special equipment.
It demands no special setting (a fine place for a hug is any place from a doorstep to an executive conference room … from a church parlor to a football field).
It makes happy days happier.
It imparts feelings of belonging.
It fills up empty places in our lives.

DAILY requirement for HUGS
We need 4 hugs a day for Survival.

We need 8 hugs a day for Maintenance.

We need 12 hugs a day for Growth.

Leo Buscaglia, PhD.

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