Cuddling not only feels good, it has many health benefits!  Because our bodies release the hormone oxytocin when we are touched, cuddling can boost our immune system, relieve pain, relax us, reduce social anxiety, lower stress and even lower heart disease risk.

Did you know that touch was the first of your body’s five senses to develop? This sense has been a part of you since 6-9 weeks after conception, and was the most developed sense you had as a newborn baby. Research suggests that human beings are born with a need for physical contact, so to deny yourself touch is to deny yourself of a necessity for your emotional development and well-being.

Not everyone has a romantic partner or family member to provide the regular touch that is needed to provide these health benefits and that is where Aloha Cuddle Company comes in!  Think about how nice it is just to sit and watch a movie with someone while holding their hand.  This simple and basic human interaction is something many of us take for granted and yet many people don’t have access to it. Many people go weeks or even months without human touch.  One study found that one-third of people receive no hugs on a daily basis while 75 percent said they wanted more hugs.

During a cuddle session, we are there to make you feel loved and supported like you deserve.  Everyone deserve this and everyone needs this. See our FAQ page to learn more.