28 Ways to Love — July 17th, 2015

A few months ago I learned about the 36 questions that lead to love and tried them out on a guy I had just started dating.  My views on love are a bit unorthodox because I actually feel love for everyone I meet (just on different levels), but my love for him definitely accelerated as we shared our answers with one another.  In just a few hours, I probably knew more about this guy I had just met than I knew about my ex husband of 11 years! I started telling everyone I knew about the list and encouraged people to experience it for themselves.  It’s sad to me that people engage on such a surface level with one another.  This list really invites you to go deep and helps you discover what’s in someone’s heart.  It’s fascinating what you’ll find out.

When I started Aloha Cuddle Company and purchased the Cuddle Sutra book by Rob Grader I knew I wanted to use it to hold a cuddle event.   The book illustrates 50 cuddle positions… from the bed, to the couch to standing up.  He also talks about the 3 T’s of cuddling: Talk, Touch and Togetherness.  As soon as I read “Talk”, I thought of the list of questions and came up with the idea for 28 Ways to Love event.  So I chose 28 of my favorite cuddle postions and assigned each one a question from the list, which was really fun.  Just like the positions, some questions are deeper and more intimate than others.  We’ll start light and definitely get more intense as the night goes on.  I’m expecting a lot of smiles and laughter and probably a few tears.

Even though the questions were created with romance in mind, they aren’t really romantic or sexual in nature so this workshop would work well for family members and friends too.  Aloha Cuddle Company is all about platonic love and affection anyways so it was important for me to keep this event platonic as well, although it will be a perfect activity for lovers.

Aloha Cuddle Company isn’t just a business to me. It’s a way for me spread joy and happiness with my love and affection.  I could not be more excited about this opportunity to share this event with my community.  We all need more touch and love in our lives and this is definitely going to bring it to the next level!  I hope to make this a monthly event!

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